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Health Tips Of The Day: Body Itch, Cracked Feet, Ear Wax, Sneezing

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For body itch, a common symptom in many people, you must ask yourself the following: Do you bathe or shower in very hot water? You may inadvertently cause first degree burn on your skin. The skin becomes dry and begins to itch wherever you sweat (salty). The bath oil should be used sparingly. You may think, the more essential oil you use, the better you smell but it's very corrosive!

If you have cracked feet, you must wear socks that absorb sweat very well. Damp feet may crack. It's worth looking at your vitamin A level in blood. Apply clarified butter and massage the sole at bed time. It moisturizers as well as heals cracks. It's worth soaking your feet in warm saline water from time to time.

If you produce excess wax in your ears, you may notice hearing loss. If it's very dry, ear buds may damage the delicate ear drums. Pour 2-3 drops of virgin olive oil or cold pressed mustard oil or Mullein oil into the ears with the help of a dropper. Leave it overnight. Next morning gently wipe off the wax with the cotton bud. Your hearing may suddenly improve.

If you suffer from frequent sneezing practice this: take a deep breath in, hold for 10 secs, just when you feel you are running out of breath, gently breathe out and in (half breath), repeat this cycle for 2-5 minutes. The nostrils will dilate, sneezing will stop.