Watch Your Congressman:<br/> Sign Up for the Health Care Investigative Unit

Watch Your Congressman:Sign Up for the Health Care Investigative Unit

Health care reform is rapidly moving into the spotlight of news media around the country, and Huffington Post needs your help covering the process throughout the summer.

Recently, many of you helped us break down the HELP bill released by Senators Kennedy (D-MA) and Dodd (D-CT). After receiving hundreds of submissions from readers who braved the 615 page bill, we published a number of reactions and realizations that ranged from specific percentages of income for health care spending to the overall thinness of the wording for the public health care option .

The battle for health care reform has heated up in the past few days. While 76% of Americans support Obama's dedication to changing the American health care system to a system with lower costs and increase access, skepticism persists over the viability of sweeping reforms as well as the role of lobbyists and interest groups

With our new Health Care Investigative Unit, we will recruit an elite team of citizen journalists to follow the 20 members of both the House and the Senate who receive the most money from the health care industry and lobby. Tasks will range from combing through campaign contribution records to calling Congressional offices to find out exactly how these members are adjusting their opinions along the way.

If you're interested, fill out our sign-up form below. Be sure to mention whether you'd like to be considered for a spot on a long-term Huffington Post Investigative team. No matter your level of commitment, send tips relevant to health care reform to:

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