Healthcare Resorts Offers World Class Health Care To Senior Population

Healthcare Resorts Offers World Class Health Care To Senior Population
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senior woman has hospital check
senior woman has hospital check

2016-07-06-1467827687-5580845-THRKS.jpg The Healthcare Resort of Shawnee Mission, KS

Looking at pictures of The Healthcare Resort facilities, you would think you are looking at a five-star resort: aesthetically pleasing and luxuriant modern furniture, the latest in amenities, world class chefs, theater rooms, games rooms, and a pub. What you're really looking at is the "fusion of world class health care and personalized hospitality."

The oldest Baby Boomers are turning 70 this year. With 77.3 million American children born between 1946 and 1964, millions of people in this generation have retired or are planning to retire soon. Not satisfied with the old model of retirement homes, health care delivery and treatment, many retirees are looking for better experiences when it comes to customizing their health care. The Healthcare Resort is meeting the needs of guests who want a luxury experience with rehabilitative and long-term care.

The Heathcare Resort is a new venture by The Ensign Group, Inc. The Healthcare Resort has a resort located in Colorado Springs, Co, as well as four resorts open currently in Kansas with two more completed this year. Eric Gillis, the Vice President of New Market Development, says that The Healthcare Resort have revitalized the way rehabilitative and long-term health care is delivered in these communities.

Due to rising insurance costs, baby boomers are discharged from the hospital a lot quicker than before and they are needing to recuperate and heal in a nursing home for their rehabilitation. The Healthcare Resorts services offer a combination of short-term rehabilitation, where the average length of stay is 10 to 14 days, and assisted living apartments. Each facility offers anywhere between 24 and 30 luxury apartments of varying size to meet the specialized need of each guest.

The Healthcare Resort of Kansas City

Traditional health care is notorious for its bad customer service. With the Affordable Care Act and changes to Medicare, The HealthCare Resorts want to deliver to a niche not being served and they feel that is through high-end, personalized concierge style of medicine. The most exciting thing for guests and residents is that The Healthcare Resorts are covered by Medicare and they accept all managed care policies, as well as private pay.

The age range of guests varies from 40 years old and up. Younger guests most often need post-acute rehabilitation services. The Healthcare Resorts has an internal rehabilitation team with occupational and physical therapists who work with state-of-the-art equipment and the latest technology. Gillis says they are able to attract an amazing group of employees because of this. The Healthcare Resorts give their staff extensive training to provide five star hotel service and anticipate the needs of guests.

It's not just the quality and individualized health care that is attracting more and more guests to the The Healthcare Resorts. The amenities include executive chefs that have been culinary trained. Gillis feels that quality food prepared by the best chefs helps with the holistic healing process. Families are much more engaged in the process as well because there is so much more to do at the resorts than in a traditional retirement home, including theater rooms, game rooms, wine bars, pubs, fire pits, putting greens, etc. and guest-organized activities. Gillis believes that family support is essential to the healing process of their guests and helps combat depression, which is common among the elderly population.

The Healthcare Resort of Kansas City

Not only are The Healthcare Resorts invested in meeting the unique needs of their guests and residents, they are an inimitable employer committed to attracting and accommodating the most talented staff in the business. Utilizing the best tools in the industry and offering highly competitive wages, they are creating an amazing place for professionals to work. Gillis says they focus on taking care of their employees by giving them the tools to be successful so that they are able to deliver the best care for guests. They reward and recognize employees and try to offer an enriching environment where they are able to optimally perform.

With many more options available to them in their twilight years than their parents had, Baby Boomers are not settling for anything less than luxury rehab and high-end specialized and individualized health care. The Healthcare Resorts is meeting the needs of our growing senior population in world-class style.

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