Real Info on New Healthcare Options

The new healthcare stuff sounds way more complicated than it is, but like with any kind of insurance, there's always a need for a little help. just launched, and the folks doing it are serious about getting it right, and helping us all with what we need to know.

The site brings together all pertinent information regarding health insurance plans, and makes it reasonably easy to compare what plans might work for you. It also addresses your rights, and how the Affordable Care Act will help you.

For basics, look at

Also, check out the Health Insurance Finder.

The site includes:

  • Data for more than 1,000 insurance carriers  and 5,561 open products (2,030 in the individual health insurance market and 3,531 in the small employer health insurance market)
  • Information on every Medicaid and Children's Health Insurance Program in the country
  • Information on the Pre-Existing Condition Plan in every state.
  • An insurance finder: Answer a few basic questions, and it automatically sorts through a huge catalog of public and private coverage options to help you identify the ones that are right for you. makes it easy for you to compare plans from different companies, which means you can choose the better/cheaper plan, which means those companies gotta compete for your business.

It also means more competition for the business from small businesses, since there's not need to rely on information from one agent.

The folks at have also built in tools for your feedback, so they can make the site more effective. Please use 'em!

Overall, the deal is better customer service from government, and better return for taxpayer dollars, pretty good!