Healthy Indian Takeout: 8 Tips For Making Smarter To-Go Choices

Make Over Your Takeout: 8 Tips For Healthier Indian Food

Indian food might not be as ubiquitous as more common takeout cuisines like Chinese food or pizza, but the spicy, South Asian cuisine is on the rise. Sales of Indian food in the U.S. rose by 35 percent from 2006 to 2008, and there are more than 350 Indian restaurants in New York City now, compared to only 18 just 30 years ago, according to Men's Health.

But just because it's growing in popularity doesn't mean you're familiar with all the choices on the menu or know how they stack up, nutrition-wise. We asked Heather Bauer, R.D., C.D.N., author of "Bread is the Devil" and a HuffPost blogger, to take us through some of her favorite tips and tricks for making the healthiest choices when ordering Indian. Click through her suggestions below, then tell us your top tip for making healthier takeout choices in the comments.

Weigh Your Carb Options

Healthier Indian Takeout

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