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"Healthified" Holiday Party Recipes

It's that time of year: We're indulging in our favorite party platters and sweet treats at one holiday gathering after another, but we're also conscious of our eating habits in an effort to keep off that "winter weight."

Find the happy medium with these delicious "healthified" holiday recipes, with negative ingredients reduced but taste preserved, from our partners at Live Better America.

Dark Chocolate Truffles
Live Better America
These indulgent treats are irresistible, and that's OK, because they have 35 fewer calories and 4 grams less fat that their non-healthified counterparts! Get the recipe.
Creamy Vanilla-Caramel Cheesecake
Live Better America
Cheesecake may seem like an inescapably decadent dessert, but by making some simple swaps, you'll slash 110 calories and 8 grams of fat. Get the recipe.
Coffee-Chocolate Marble Cake
Live Better America
An espresso glaze adds some intense flavor to this marble cake, which has 92% less saturated fat and 60% less sodium than the original recipe. Get the recipe.
Decadent Hot Chocolate
Live Better America
Get the warmth and comfort of this classic winter drink, with 50% fewer calories, 77% less fat, and 20% more calcium. Get the recipe.
Chocolate Drizzled Graham Cookies
Live Better America
Don't be fooled by the drizzle on top; these crowd-pleasing treats have 33% less fat and 26% fewer calories than the original recipe. Get the recipe.
Easy Cheesy Quiche
Live Better America
Whether you're whipping this up for dinner or breakfast, quiche is great in a pinch: It takes just minutes of prep time before it goes in the oven. This quiche contains 60% less fat and 84% less cholesterol than the original recipe. Get the recipe.
Cocoa Nutmeg Snickerdoodles
Live Better America
This holiday treat, spiced with nutmeg and cocoa, has 80% less cholesterol and 57% less saturated fat than the original recipe. Get the recipe.
Cheese And Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms
Live Better America
These bite-sized appetizers are delicious and fun to eat, and at 60% less fat and 47% fewer calories, you can grab a few. Get the recipe.
Streusel Coffee Cake
Live Better America
This homestyle favorite is just as tasty as the original but has 44% less fat, 55% less saturated fat, and 27% fewer calories. Get the recipe.
Fudgy Almond Cookies
Live Better America
With 63% less fat and 42% fewer calories (and all the chocolatey goodness!) of the original recipe, don't be surprised if these little treats fly off your party platter. Get the recipe.
Honey Nut Snack Mix
Live Better America
Give your guest something they can snack on, guilt-free, with this mix that has 76% fewer calories than the original dish. Get the recipe.
Live Better America
Stuffing doesn't have to make you feel, well, stuffed. This recipe has 69% less fat, 93% less saturated fat, and 36% fewer calories than the original. Get the recipe.
Cranberry-Buttermilk Scones
Live Better America
Bring Christmas red and winter white into your dessert with this pastry that has 42% less saturated fat and 75% less cholesterol than the un-healthified version. Get the recipe.
Classic Potato Salad
Live Better America
Perfect for the office potluck or the family holiday party, this classic side dish has 53% fewer calories and 75% less saturated fat than the original dish. Get the recipe.
Garlic Guacamole
Live Better America
What's a party without some guac? And this recipe has 45% fewer calories and 94% more vitamin A than the original version of the dish. Get the recipe.
Sweet Potato Casserole
Live Better America
By using fat-free milk and omitting butter, you can make this fall classic with 53% fewer calories and 82% less fat than the original recipe. Get the recipe.
Pumpkin Pie
Live Better America
This recipe eliminates the shortening and butter found in most pie crusts. The result? A pumpkin pie with 53% less fat, 80% less saturated fat, and 24% fewer calories than the original recipe. Get the recipe.
Spinach Dip with Artichokes
Live Better America
In most recipes, the spinach takes a backseat to excess amounts of fat and cholesterol. Not here: This recipe boasts 50% less fat, 50% less saturated fat, 36% fewer calories, and a whole lot of vitamin-rich spinach. Get the recipe.