Breakfast may be the most important meal of the day, but if you're eating a sugary bowl of cereal, is it really worth it?

Cereals made with chocolate filling, marshmallows and miniature cookies probably aren't the best idea for everyday consumption, but there can also be confusion over cereal boxes that are generally considered "healthy."

Boxes with labels that advertise low calories, high fibre and bran may come off as the healthier options, but a look at those cereals' nutritional information may reveal something different. According to Huffington Post Healthy Living's Unreal Eats, some so-called healthy cereals have the same amount of sugar as their non-healthy counterparts. For example, the team found Honey Nut Cheerios (which is usually targeted as a healthy option for children) has the same amount of sugar as Fruity Pebbles.

The empty calories provided by sugar — and the corresponding association with obesity — has placed the ingredient on the World Health Organization's watch list. The organization says we should only be consuming 25 grams (or six teaspoons) of sugar every day.

Here are 25 popular store-bought cereals, ranked by the amount of sugar they have per serving. Of course, we couldn't include every single brand of cereal out there, so if there is one you want to see on this list, let us know in the comments below:

Raisin Bran

Sugar In 25 "Healthy" Cereals

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