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11 Gifts To Give Your Health-Obsessed Foodie Friend

He bathes himself in hummus, drinks kale juice all day and you love him anyway.

Everybody's got that friend -- the one that bathes himself in hummus, grows kale in the backyard of his Brooklyn apartment, claims that drinking a fermented tea makes him feel spiritual and is constantly nibbling on some kind of unidentifiable rabbit food.

This holiday season, instead of mocking said friend for his "unique" eating habits, why not support him for the quirky trait with a gift that shows you care? These 11 presents below are sure to make any tree-hugging, superfood-swearing herbivore explode with happiness. Who knows, maybe you'll even get a homemade dinner out of it.

Veggie Spiralizer
You may not know what zoodling is, but your health-fanatic friend most certainly knows about the transformation of vegetables into ribbons of spaghetti-shaped delight. The Paderno World Cuisine (pictured) is one of our favorites because it has multiple blades that switch up the thickness of the zoodles. You can zoodle just about anything, and the receiver of this gift will be thrilled to give it a whirl.

Find the Paderno Vegetable Spiralizer on Amazon here.
CSA Membership
Alija via Getty Images
Being part of an agricultural share that serves up fresh veggies on a weekly basis while supporting local farmers is a health nut's dream come true. Typically, a Community Supported Agriculture membership is paid for upfront, so you can treat your giftee to a season's worth of freshness.

Find out more about your local CSA here.
Nature Box Subscription
If you are always wondering what the hell your friend is snacking on (seaweed strips, really?!), get this person a subscription to Nature Box. It's a snack delivery service that sends over five healthy snacks a month. It'll be an exciting treat for anyone who likes to get adventurous with their snackage.

Find Nature Box here.
Tofu Knee Socks
Herbivore Clothing
You can't go wrong with knee socks that say "tofu," right?

Find the Tofu Knee Socks on Herbivore Clothing.
Fruit Of The Month Club Subscription
LJM Photo / Design Pics via Getty Images
A box of special, in-season fruit, delivered to your door every single month? Yes, please!

Find out more about Fruit Of The Month Clubs here.
Vitamix Blender
The Vitamix is no measly stocking stuffer -- it's a lavish blender (ever seen those two words together?) that can really do it all.

It's certainly pricey. "Saturday Night Live" even produced a parody about it, as it's sometimes viewed as a more pretentious blender. But for the healthy gal or guy in your life who seemingly has it all, this will be the gift of all gifts. It can make nut butter. And almond milk. Even flour. To be gifted with the Vitamix is to be gifted with endless culinary possibility.

Find the Vitamix on Amazon here.
Oil Mister
This nifty tool makes cooking with oil a breeze. Plus, you can make your own herb-infused oils right on the spot. The misters helps cooks from over-pouring oil or dousing their ingredients. Like we said, nifty.

Find the Prepara Oil Mister on Amazon here.
Craft Coffee Subscription
Craft Coffee
On certain groggy mornings, the coffee addicts of the world dream of a way their a.m. cup could be magically delivered, piping hot onto their bed-side tables. Until that dream becomes reality, a coffee subscription might be the next best thing.

Your java-obsessed pals will appreciate a membership to Craft Coffee, a company that delivers bags of your choosing straight to your door. You can select the type of grind to best suit your coffee maker, roast and how often you'd like to receive shipments. Pretty neat.

Find out more at Craft Coffee.
Slow Cooker
This wonder appliance makes meal-planning quick, easy and painless. Just throw a bunch of things into the pot and let it simmer for a couple of hours. Go do your thing and soon enough, dinner will be served. The kitchen will be infused with a delicious, hearty aroma and you'll be able to serve a lot of people at once. And bonus: There are so many healthy potential dishes to cook up.

This'll make a great gift for the time-strapped, the lazy chef or a really anyone who enjoys eating food.

Find out more about slow cookers on Amazon.
Kombucha Home Brew Kit
Kombucha Brooklyn
Some are hooked on this fermented tea drink: Proponents claim it helps with digestion, sleep and detoxification. If you know a kombucha lover, why not hook her up with a kit to brew the beverage at home? Indulge her in her hipster fantasies.

Find the Kombucha Home Brew Kit at Kombucha Brooklyn.
Magic Bullet
Here's a blender, food processor and a coffee grinder -- all in one! And, its cover doubles as a serving glass, making it ideal for anyone with minimal kitchen space (and for anyone who loathes washing dishes). The little blender that could whips up anything from guacamole to shakes to oatmeal smoothies.

Find the Magic Bullet on Amazon here.

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