The Healthy Foods This Nutritionist Eats Every Day

By Cynthia Sass, MPH, RD

I am a huge fan of variety and seasonal eating, primary because eating a wider array of foods exposes your body to a broader spectrum of nutrients.

Mixing it up means that rather than larger armies of fewer types of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants, a smaller number of a larger assortment shows up for work in your body.

That's important, because each nutrient performs unique functions. In other words, vitamin C can't carry out potassium's job, and the protection lycopene (an antioxidant found in tomatoes, watermelon, pink grapefruit) offers differs from that of anthocyanins (found in dark berries, black beans and eggplant).

Gobbling up different types of nutrients each day helps optimize wellness, and offers more head to toe protection against aging and disease.

That said, there are some foods I consider daily must-eats (and nope, kale isn't one of them). Each makes my list because it meets two key criteria. First, it offers unique rewards. While I can mix up the type of green veggies or whole grains I eat each day and enjoy similar benefits, there's simply nothing else like dark chocolate!

Second, each of these staples is versatile and satiating, so I look forward to easily incorporating each superfood into my daily meals. Here's why they're true nutritional all stars, and how I like to enjoy them:

What This Nutritionist Eats

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