10 Healthy Foods That Will Help You Sleep Like A Baby Tonight

Never go to bed hungry again.

Go ahead and give in to that pre-bedtime snack craving.

Science has shown that proper diet and sleep quality go hand in hand, but hitting the hay with a satisfied stomach can also be crucial to a truly restful night. Experts recommend eating a small meal rich in nutrients like lean protein, magnesium or tryptophan-creating carbohydrates to give the body just enough sustenance to work with until sunrise. It's also important to avoid any caffeine-laden treats (we're looking at you, chocolate) or high-fat foods that take the body longer to digest, since those internal mechanisms work more slowly during the night.

Ready to snack and snooze but don't know where to start? Check out the infographic from Amerisleep below highlighting the 10 best health foods that can also work wonders on your shut-eye.


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