How To Grill Healthier Versions Of Your Favorite Summer Foods

'Tis the season for healthy grilling, y'all.

Sure, you could grill a hot dog -- and choke down about 17 grams of fat and 300 calories -- or you could take the more nutritious, definitely more delicious route and fire up something that's actually healthy.

As shown in the infographic below from, an outdoor barbecue doesn't have to be slathered with sugary sauces and fatty meats. With just a few key substitutions, you can have a cookout that's equally healthful as it is crowd pleasing.

Instead of ground beef, throw down a salmon patty instead, or even better, a huge portobello mushroom, brushed with olive oil and fresh rosemary.

Fish is a great grilling option too, and a wooden plank adds a ton of flavor while also helping to keep the fish from flaking apart.

See more tricks below, and be sure to check out the healthful recipes we included underneath it. Get lit!

Grilling Recipes