Healthy Late-Night Snacks, For When You Just Need To Eat

Snackers, listen up!

Despite the fact that it’s not good for us, and may even affect our memory, we all do it. Post-dinner hours set in, and even though we may have had a decent dinner, we go to the kitchen for a snack. Whether you’re just still hungry, you have a craving for something sweet, or you just feel like having a snack because you’re watching TV and you’re feeling kind of bored, we’ve all been there.

Late-night snacking is going to happen, so it’s time to learn how to do it right. First things first, stay away from certain foods like super sugary treats, spicy dishes (put down the Sriracha) and caffeine. They can be harder to digest or just keep you up. Reach for small portions of low-calorie foods instead.

So, put down the pint of ice cream and listen up. We have some healthy ideas that are perfect for late-night snacking.

Banana Ice Cream
Healthy Happy Life
Ice cream cravings are bound to happen some nights. Instead of reaching for the pint, opt instead for an easy-to-make banana ice cream. There's no dairy involved -- just frozen bananas. Not only only is it a healthy choice, but you can flavor it with whatever you're craving. Check out these recipes for some ideas to get you started.
Popcorn With Nutritional Yeast
spafra via Getty Images
If you're craving something salty, consider popcorn. Pop your own kernels on the stove -- yes, it's easier than you think -- then top it with a little bit of salt and a lot of nutritional yeast. The nutritional yeast's natural cheese-y flavor will make this healthy snack wholly satisfying.
Energy Balls
The Healthy Maven
When you’re really craving something sweet, reaching for an energy bite or two is a good alternative to candy. Energy balls, if you don’t know, are delightful, healthy versions of truffles that you can easily make at home. You should always have a batch stocked in your fridge ― they come in handy for a quick snack or late-night snack. Check out these energy ball recipes. (And don't let the name fool you, these won't keep you up. There's no caffeine in these -- just dried fruit, nuts and sometimes chocolate.)
Kale Chips
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If you’re craving something savory to munch on, reach for the kale. When baked into chips, kale can satisfy your need for something salty without too many calories. You can even make your own at home, which we recommend because it’s so easy and they taste way better than the store-bought kind.
101cats via Getty Images
High in protein and good fat, nuts are a good snack option late night -- or any time of day really. The problem with nuts is that it's easy to eat too many. The reason pistachios are such a good snack is that they're tucked away in a shell, so they take longer to eat and you're less likely to overeat. For those hard-to-open shells, use half of an empty pistachio shell to leverage your way in. It works every time.
Dark Chocolate Covered Grapes
Molly Yeh
When you really feel like you need some chocolate in your life, make these dark chocolate covered grapes. Not only are they made with dark chocolate, which you should be eating a little bit every day anyway, but they also have a healthy fruit interior. Get the recipe.
Frozen Blueberries
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Don't need the chocolate? Straight up frozen blueberries are an addictive snack. They're a slightly better choice than fresh blueberries because they take a little longer to eat. So you're less likely to accidentally eat two cups in one sitting. If you're smart, you can freeze your own when there are sales and stock up. Here's how you do that.
Avocado Toast
Dolly And Oatmeal
You know you want it. If you're actually feeling hungry, and not just looking for something to snack on, consider a piece of avocado toast. This more-substantial snack, with its high fat content, will help fill you up and keep you full until morning. There are a lot of ways to make avocado toast, so you'll never get bored of it. Check out our favorite avocado toast recipes.