Give Mom the Gift of Health!

Sure, you can take Mom out for brunch. You can buy her flowers or chocolate. A spa day is always great. But why not tell your mom how much you really love her? Help her to be as healthy as possible, so she can live a long, active fulfilling life!
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This Mother's Day, Prove to Your Mom That You Love Her!

Sure, you can take Mom out for brunch. You can buy her flowers or chocolate. A spa day is always great. But why not tell your mom how much you really love her? Help her to be as healthy as possible, so she can live a long, active fulfilling life!

With summer fast approaching, your mom would love to get in good shape before her vacation. You can help her with that, and help her on a lifelong journey to health and fitness. Here are a few gift ideas to make this Mother's Day a healthy-future day for your mom.

1. Gym Membership
The ultimate gift for mom. If you live in an urban area, you'll be able to find a gym to suit any personality, whether your mom is shy and nervous about going to a gym for the first time, whether she wants a women-only gym, or whether she's already a hardcore fitness buff. If you live in a smaller center, you may not have as many options, but gyms in smaller centers try to do their best to accommodate everyone and make sure each of their members has a positive experience.

2. Personal Trainer
Whether or not your mom goes to a gym, some personal training sessions are a great gift. If she's new to exercise, a trainer can help her learn how to exercise properly and effectively. If she already works out, a trainer can help get her out of an exercise rut -- something many of us experience when we've been working out for a long time. No matter where she is on her exercise journey, a trainer can help motivate her. And in the end, the key to fitness is motivation.

3. Healthy Living Coach
Not quite dietician, not quite personal trainer, a healthy living coach or weight-loss coach can help your mom understand why she overeats or eats the wrong foods, and can help her to overcome whatever is causing her to make these negative choices. A good coach will make the right choices much easier on a day-to-day basis -- not just while your mom loses weight but also after, to maintain the weight loss.

4. Healthy Living Book
You may or may not feel comfortable getting your mom a diet book for Mother's Day! If she has stated that she wants the book then it's fine. If not, there are lots of good choices for you. How about a healthy-foods cookbook? Or a book on longevity? These books will include information about keeping a healthy diet without being diet books.

5. Pedometer
Everyone loves a gadget! The pedometer is an especially useful gadget, because we all need to walk more. Walking is often touted as the perfect exercise, and it's what I get all my clients to do. Unless you are too obese to move or have a physical disability, you can walk. With a pedometer, you find yourself today in competition with yourself from yesterday, trying to get more and more steps. It becomes fun to increase your activity each day instead of being a chore.

6. Yoga Kit
Everyone can benefit from yoga. It's both calming and challenging. It helps you become stronger, more flexible and relaxed. Classes can be pricey, but with a video, a mat, blocks and a strap, your mom's living room can turn into her very own yoga studio.

7. Cooler Bag
Eating healthy is much easier when you can carry your food with you. In fact, some diets demand that you do so. Every fitness model out there, male or female, carries a cooler with their food for the day. They cannot afford to leave their food to chance.

If you have the healthy food with you that you need through the day, then you will not be so tempted to go off your eating plan. But a brown bag just won't cut it, unless you want to have bacterial poisoning. Help your mom stay on her healthy eating plan with a stylish cooler bag. There are many available these days that are so well-designed they look like designer bags, but with pockets for her ice packs and plenty of room for a day's worth of food.

8. Bike
If your mom has ever ridden a bike she'll be able to ride it, even if it's been decades since she last rode. More and more people are using bikes not just for fitness, but for transportation. Put a bike carrier on your mom's two-wheeler and she can carry her purse and anything else she needs for her day's journey. Even better, get two bikes -- one for each of you -- and go for bike rides together.

9. Exercise Clothes/Gear
Women love clothes and shoes, and there's no better way to inspire your mom to get physical than to give her some new clothes to do it in. Exercise gear can be costly, especially the fashionable gear that makes a woman look good. Exercising in a baggy T-shirt and sweatpants may be just as effective, but if your mom feels good when she looks in the gym mirror, she's more likely to keep going back. Find out what type of exercise she's interested in, and get her outfitted for it.

10. Get Her an iPod Shuffle, and Load It Up With Her Favorite Pump-Up Music
Whether your mom likes to walk, run or dance around the house, nothing beats pump-up music to get the feet moving! Almost every genre of music has its songs that make you want to shake your booty. You probably know what type of music your mom likes, so do some searching and loading for her. As a bonus, she'll get a present every time she presses play!

11. Set of Home Weights
If your mom is not mentally or financially prepared to join a gym, she can still get a good resistance workout. You can pick up a trio of dumbbells of different weights for a low price. This will give your mom the opportunity to have a good resistance workout at home, even if she belongs to the gym. There will always be times that something comes up. Now she'll have no excuse to miss her workout. Pick up a couple of resistance bands, too.

Your mom knows you love her. Help her achieve her fitness and weight-loss goals this Mother's Day.

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