Healthy Summer Habits To Hold Onto For Fall

8 Healthy Summer Habits To Hold Onto For Fall

The temps are (slowly) starting to drop and the kids are back in school, but you don't have to completely lose that summer feeling! In fact, a number of the health lessons we've learned this summer can benefit you into fall -- and beyond.

Click through the slideshow below to see some of our favorite summer health habits that will be transitioning right along with us into autumn. Then tell us what healthy summer lesson you plan to carry with you in the comments.

Stock up on in-season produce.
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Eating seasonal fruits and veggies ensures your produce will taste, smell and feel its best -- which in turn means you'll enjoy eating the good stuff more (and possibly stay away from that cookie jar). Tomato season may not be forever, but with fall superfoods like pumpkins, apples and Brussels sprouts in the distance, eating in season can be just as delicious.
Move more during the day.
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Sunny summer days may have beckoned you away from your desk for the past few months, but you don't have to go outside to move more throughout the work day. Try fashioning a DIY standing desk or workstation, take meetings on the go or simply do a few laps around the office when you can.
Stick with sunscreen.
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Yes, the sun's rays are strongest during the summer months, but your skin is still exposed after the season is over. You likely won't have to apply as much or as frequently as, say, during a day at the beach, but a little protection is still a good idea.
Wear sunglasses.
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Just as you protect your skin during the summer, it's important to protect your eyes, too, although 27 percent of American adults say they never wear sunglasses, according to 2012 data. Without shading your peepers, you put yourself at risk for cataracts, macular degeneration and eyelid cancer, Redbook reported.
Stay hydrated.
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We all know it's a smart idea to drink plenty of water -- but we probably tend to be a little more aware of our hydration situation during the summer, when sky-high temperatures threaten heat exhaustion, heatstroke and other complications. Once the season passes you may not feel as parched, but staying hydrated is still crucial to keeping your body running at its best.
Protect against mosquitoes.
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Mosquito-related conditions like the West Nile and Zika viruses are no joke. Commercial insect repellants can help, as can some more natural techniques, like covering exposed skin and avoiding going outside during dawn and dusk hours. And if bites do happen this fall, remember not to scratch -- it will only make that itch worse.
Try a water workout.
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The indoor pool at your local gym is a great place to hang out to capture that summer spirit. Thirty minutes of light to moderate lap swimming can burn over 230 calories, according to My Fitness Pal. Less experienced swimmers can try water aerobics classes or even Aqua Zumba to really turn up the heat.
Stay safe at the salon.
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Those strappy summer sandals just wouldn't have looked right without the perfect pedicure. But if you like the polished look year-round, take note: The tools and even that whirlpool tub can spread fungus, viruses and bacteria. Consider bringing your own tools and clean them with an antiseptic solution at home.
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