9 Healthy Ways To Spend A Snow Day

Bring it on, blizzard.

Snow days have a magical way of turning us all into kids again. Sure, you could spend those hours doing laundry, but where’s the fun in that?

We rounded up several ways to help you chill out and feel good during the hours that a snow day affords. Think of them as companions to the Danish art of hygge, which is essentially the craft of coziness. Just don’t forget the comforts the Danes say are core to surviving cold weather: Thick socks, candles, cake, coffee, tea and, of course, good company.

Take a look at the suggestions below:

Break a sweat.
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The snow does not have to interrupt your workout routine.

Believe it or not, you can get in an entire full body workout without even leaving your living room. Try a 20-minute series of high knee jumps, squats and planks. All you'll need is comfortable clothing and enough space to stretch out.

Frequent short, high-intensity workouts may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and can help strengthen muscles and bones.
Cook up a delicious recipe.
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Dutch oven Grecian chicken, anyone? Make a hearty, nutritious recipe that requires a few hours today. Because let's be honest, you're not going anywhere. Here are a few other suggestions.
Take a nap.
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Dedicate some time to getting a few Zs on the snow day. Research shows taking naps can increase alertness and productivity, as well as helps relieve stress.
Play board games.
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You worked out a bit to help your heart and bones, now show some love to your brain. If you are snowed in with company, grab your Scrabble. Research suggests board games can help cognitive function, and they're just fun. Let the competition begin.
Have spa time.
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Unwind in a warm bath or hot shower. Research shows that both hot showers and warm baths may immediately reduce the feeling of loneliness. Plus, it distracts your mind from the frigid temperatures outside.
Try coloring.
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Coloring books for adults as a means to relax and reduce stress is an extremely popular trend. Even psychologists recommend it. Sharpen your pencils, turn up some chill music and let your creativity flow. And don't feel silly for letting your inner child out: HuffPost editors love to do this, too.
Get snowed in with friends.
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Studies suggest hanging out with friends is one of the best ways to relieve stress. So if you can, invite friends over to get snowed in together. But make sure to check travel warnings first.
Have sex.
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Spend part of your snow day in between the sheets. Try something new, snuggle more, or do whatever you're interested in, sex therapist Tammy Nelson recently told HuffPost. It'll help build more intimacy with your partner and yourself.
Get organized.
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Procrastination is a pesky habit that can cause a lot of stress.

The hours a snow day affords is a great opportunity to get organized. Set aside 30 minutes to an hour to get something you've been putting off in order. Maybe it's making a plan for the month or even just tackling your messy closet. Experts say that de-cluttering mentally, physically and emotionally may help give you a sense of control.

Before you know it, your snow day will be over and you’ll feel relaxed and ready to take on the rest of the week. Bring it on, blizzard.