Make These Rainbow Heart Cookies And Prove You're Truly In Love

Cookies are forever.

What is true love? True love is meticulously crafting Rainbow Heart Cookies. Your swain will fall for you all over again, once they see the special gift that calls for butter, confectioners sugar, egg yolks, flour, sprinkles, food coloring, salt, vanilla extract and equal parts love and labor.


Yes, these painstakingly resplendent confections are a gift that defeat any attempt at romance, be it roses, chocolates or diamonds. These cookies say "I love you" without uttering a single word. Your beloved may refuse to take a bite, for the cookie's stunning beauty is almost too much to ingest. But you will insist. You'll say, "Please, lover, I made these leavened sucrose treats for you. I was put on earth for one reason, and here I present my devotion to you in the form of a sweet treat."


This is the power of a rainbow heart. Say it all with Rainbow Heart Cookies. Watch the video above for instructions and get the recipe from Eugenie Kitchen here.

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