This Is For Everyone Who Thought Dimitri From 'Anastasia' Is Bae

"Heart don't fail me now." 🎵🎶

From the moment "Anastasia" premiered and introduced Dimitri to America, it was love at first sight. And even though the hit animated musical came out way back in 1997, the Dimitri thirst has only grown stronger. This glorious cartoon man is living (drawing?) proof that the power of love can turn a bad boy good and honestly, who isn't a sucker for that kind of romantic plot twist?

Dimitri is one of the sexiest cartoon characters to ever bless the big screen and we're just here to refresh your memory. This is a journey to the past that you won't want to miss. See what we did there? You're welcome.

Behold, the hottest cartoon creation known to man:

Just kidding. THIS is the hottest cartoon creation known to man. Feel free to fan yourself, or douse yourself with ice water. 

 Seriously. You could just spread him on a cracker.


Why helloooo, perfectly chiseled face sculpted by the very same angles who later thought up Chris Pratt and Ryan Reynolds.

Don't faint, we're just getting started!

Remember when he first laid eyes on Anastasia, his jaw literally dropped and your heart LITERALLY melted because you immediately knew you were about to watch the greatest love story ever told?

It's worth mentioning that Dimitri was also a genuinely selfless hero. He saved Anastasia's life when they were just wee little kids. Talk about bravery!

And he saved her ass again when they were adults! This, ladies and gentlemen, is what we call consistency

From the get-go, the sexual tension between Dimitri and Anastasia was so intense, you could slice it with a knife. Look at him checking her out. Damn, boy.

Then there were those bazillion close calls where they almost locked lips. Their level of chemistry was almost too hot to handle.

As expected of a heartthrob of his caliber, Dimitri was the kind of spontaneous romantic to twirl a girl around on a boat at sunset. Casual. 

 He quite literally swept his lady love off her feet. 

Remember that time he practically impregnated you with this ridiculously sexy smoldering gaze? We do. We got pregnant.

Can we also point out how freaking good this guy looked in a tux? You had to call the firemen watching him on screen because formal attire Dimitri is so hot, he's a three-alarm fire hazard.

You knew he was legit boyfriend material considering he traveled halfway around the world just to deal with Anastasia and her nonsense. What a gentleman, right?

He even went out of his way to shop for her. That's right. He bought her cute shit just because. Talk about a dreamboat!

... the kind to whisper sweet nothings into his love's ear to make her smile. 

He will legit bow down and treat his madame like royalty.

Dimitri was so romantic, he basically brought sexy chivalry back. He's credited with the RESURRECTION OF CHIVALRY.

Sure, he was a little bit of a showoff, but he had every right to be. Has a man ever looked so adorable on a bike? 


Even when he was pissed, he still looked fantastic.

Oh, and his smile? So marvelously divine, the heavens opened up to sing. Hallelujah!

Every second in the presence of Dimitri was an adventure. You could just feel that this man knows how to show a girl a good time. Even this little pooch was all, ily, DM me.

And while he was technically a crook trying to make a buck off of this Anastasia girl, you couldn't help but feel slayed by his badassery.

Not to mention, by the end of the movie he proved that he's so incredibly kind and selfless, he's pretty much a beauteous modern day saint among men.

Remember when he kissed Anastasia for the very first time and you absolutely lost your shit? It was, like, the most romantic, perfect manifestation of love you had ever witnessed.

Obviously every makeout session with Dimitri also guaranteed a shooting star or two in the background. It was just that magical.

When he tenderly kissed Anastasia's hand, you cried out to the world, "Why can't that be my hand?!"

When he stared longingly into her very soul, you threw your arms up in despair and yelled, "Why can't that be me?!"

Wait. Honestly, screw this Anastasia chick.

Mmm ... much better.

You can take care of him better than she ever did. You're a real woman (or man). Just look at these muscular biceps that Anastasia wouldn't get her paws off of.

Imagine what it would be like to look into his big brown eyes.

And have him wait for you at the bottom of the stairs, staring at you lovingly, this god among men, the ultimate hunk.

For those knee-deep in their Dimitri obsession at this point, the below recap of his best moments set to an acoustic cover of The Calling's "Wherever You Will Go" will probably set you over the edge.

Get the tissues ready, it's so beautiful you might tear up.

Case = made.


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