An Enlightened World With Heart Intelligence

An enlightened world understands that peace, wellness, wealth, our wholeness all begin inside. A heartful life including meditation is receiving all this and much more. It is time, beginning at an early age, to consciously be learning, growing, enjoying life full of heart intelligence.
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No one talks about an enlightened world these days. There are just too many challenges, so much suffering. But maybe if we identify the source of an enlightened world, receive it in our own lives, this knowledge will spread. Heart intelligence is something much easier to understand and manifest than hoping for some breakthrough in science or something else to come and save us. Heart intelligence is certainly easier than trying to get the world's politicians to sit down together and get something done. As parents, teachers, therapists, business leaders, people in every walk of life consciously develop heart intelligence, we are changing the world.

No matter how much we have, if we don't have inner wealth we are still struggling for more. There is never enough. No matter how educated we are, if we don't know what gives us passion, our unique gift or talent to offer the world, our education is unfinished. No matter how fit we are physically, how trained we are mentally, without heart intelligence inner peace, harmony, and purpose are missing.

Everyone complains of being overworked. Stress and struggle rule people's lives more than just about anything else. These are the symptoms of an absence of heart intelligence. After the initial excitement, without heart intelligence relationships wither. With everyday problems and conflict, families dissolve in dysfunction. Medical costs soar, patients are stuffed with medication when simple heart intelligence could heal so much naturally. Once understood, we will realize that heart intelligence is missing in nearly every part of modern life.

Heart intelligence effects what we do and what we choose not to do. It is the lack of heart intelligence that drives us needlessly by our desires, attachments, and worries into unnecessary drama and difficulty. We roll up and down with the roller coaster of life without knowing there is an alternative. The waves of busy thought and feeling continue until we adventure underneath to the ocean of our heart, the source of peace, our own inner sanctuary.

Heart intelligence is not connected to the small mind, big mind, or even an open mind. It is something discovered only in being, experiencing, and expressing our heart. It is listening, trusting, and making friends with both the fun and difficult parts of life. Instead of blaming and judging, forgiveness and compassion build heart intelligence. Acceptance, appreciation, honesty, and humility are practiced. Service, patience, courage, and simplicity are each paths in the life of our heart.

As we live consciously in and from our heart, inner peace and freedom dominate and inspire. The more present we are, the more we discover the world supporting us. We are receiving, absorbing heart essence which is the ingredient that builds awareness of our true spiritual nature.

Heart intelligence is what is good and useful in each of us. Some would say it is what is truly important. Heart intelligence is more often than not, just common sense. It is our moral compass. Heart intelligence is our source of values. The amount of conscience we have or lack of conscience is directly related to heart intelligence. It is the something inside of us which helps us find our way, see what is good in others, and enjoy what is good in whatever life brings us.

Heart intelligence is another world view, another way of life. It is the path less traveled. It is listening to the different drummer. What modern educators and scientists do not know is that there is an intelligence centered in the heart which is developed only by using the heart. Heart intelligence is our intuition, love, serenity. It is connected to the spirit and soul in everyone and all of nature. This understanding does not come from the rational mind but from the mind of the heart.

Children come into the world full of innocence, play, a lightness of being and quickly become serious, burdened, lost in overly rapid mental development. Academic learning quickly becomes the all and everything for a successful future. Play time, life time, simple joy disappears. At a younger and younger age there is little or no time to simply be, naturally curious, listening, and living from one's heart. With no time or space how can the many qualities of the heart, heart intelligence, take root in our awareness and grow? The life of the heart becomes a distant second to everything on the "to do" list. Heart intelligence is not in what we do but is in who we are.

Before we know it, modern life and education are completely without heart intelligence. The study of values, the ability to genuinely give and receive, to enjoy one another without machines or gadgets to entertain us are non-existent. Meditation is limited to mindfulness when in fact it is heartfulness. Meditation stops thought so the world of the heart can come forward in our awareness and unfold its infinite nature.

There are websites and all kinds of schools for developing the mind, to get ahead. Where are the websites and special programs for growing heart intelligence to make the journey of a joyful human and sacred heart? When the mind is jumping from one subject to the next, one chore after another, life is without purpose and meaning. Educators don't realize that academics come much easier when there is a foundation of heart intelligence. It is not a question of one or the other. A whole and peaceful heart is the foundation for a brilliant and creative mind.

When awareness is anchored in the heart, every moment has beauty and importance. The further we grow away from nature, the further we are away from our own true nature. The heart is the center to the nervous system, mysteriously connecting us in a beautiful web of life. At the center of heart intelligence is an experience of being at home in inexplicable harmony with all things and everyone.

An enlightened world understands that peace, wellness, wealth, our wholeness all begin inside. A heartful life including meditation is receiving all this and much more. It is time, beginning at an early age, to consciously be learning, growing, enjoying life full of heart intelligence. We are more than a personality trying to manage a confused world. There is the wisdom of the heart to explore, map, and treasure. It is the home inside each of us that can never be taken away. It is our source of heart intelligence.

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