This Graph Reveals Just How Nerve-Racking Proposing Can Be

This Graph Reveals Just How Nerve-Racking Proposing Can Be

Proposing to your significant other is a big deal. The planning, the ring, the suspense. It's enough to get one's heart racing.

One man wanted to literally measure his heart rate as he set out to propose to his girlfriend on a trip to Rome. Redditor Sesipikai was interested in recording the body's physiological response when he popped the question, so he wore a heart monitor to measure exactly when his heart rate would rise and fall.

He posted an image of the graph on Reddit with this caption: "Wore a heart rate belt during my trip to Rome. Export data to xml file. Created a graph using Ms Excel."

The chart, which measured Sesipikai's BPMs (beats per minute), showed his heartrate climbing as the couple entered The Forum and peaking as he "started proposing using actual words." According to the graph, as soon as the words were out of his mouth, his heart started to settle.

Clever commenters soon took to the thread with puns galore:

"Soon to be Mrs Excel."

"I hear she's really good between the spreadsheets."

Then there were the Redditors who chimed in with their own tales of solidarity:

"My heart beat like crazy for a solid ten minutes waiting on a private moment and knowing it could come any second."

"It's that moment when you get down on your knee, look up at them, and take the ring out of your pocket. I never realized how stressful it would be until that day, and I'm fairly certain I stopped breathing for a few seconds once I knelt down."

The question that remains is, will he wear the heart rate monitor at his wedding?

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