Heart Yoga: A Response to Today's Stress

"Heart Yoga" is designed to help us all remember what somewhere we all already know: that we are a Sacred Marriage of spirit and matter, of heart, body and soul.
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All the authentic mystical traditions tell us that the cosmos is a Sacred Marriage of seeming opposites, such as: spirit and body, light and matter, good and evil, masculine and feminine, the transcendent aspect of the divine and its immanent embodiment. They also tell us that the purpose of being born a human being is to become conscious in the illumined mind, awakened heart and soul, and increasingly peaceful and vibrant body of this Sacred Marriage, so as to be flooded with its peace, bliss and power. With this energy, we are able to access and act with unconditional compassion and wisdom.

One of the reasons why we wrote "Heart Yoga" is to express our conviction that it is this vision of the Sacred Marriage that can rescue humanity from its tragic paralysis in the face of world devastation. Experiencing this union of apparent dualities can heal us from the split that is aiding and abetting this devastation--our dissociation from the body, from the Creation and from the experience of divine love as our true essence.

Yoga can be a powerful healer of this dissociation because of its popularity, fundamental simplicity and availability to people of all ages and body types. When remarried to its ancient mystical roots and to the vision of divine consciousness which is enshrined in all mystical traditions, yoga provides a wonderfully direct and potent crucible for the experience of the Sacred Marriage of spirit and body, and for the subtle transformation of the whole being that it unfolds.

To that end, we have constructed our book, "Heart Yoga," as an initiatory journey into the vision of the Sacred Marriage that anyone with devotion, faith and the willingness to explore their inner experience can pursue. They will feel the heartfelt embrace of all aspects of this earthly life that the Sacred Marriage inspires.

This vision that we present is not at all esoteric or complicated, but is in fact, extremely clear and practical. Since the universe is a Sacred Marriage in its essential reality, there is within every human being a latent consciousness aware of this liberating truth which is waiting to be awakened joyfully to its ecstatic and empowering reality.

"Heart Yoga" is designed to help us all remember what somewhere we all already know: that we are a Sacred Marriage of spirit and matter, masculine and feminine, light and dark, mind and heart, body and soul. The more we experience, remember and practice this, the more our ordinary life, in even its most mundane circumstance, reveals itself as a constant unfolding of grace and fountain of subtle miracle. This realization brings a cessation of stress, increasing release from anxiety, a profound desire to celebrate life, and a deepening gratitude for all that is and all that lives.

Invigorated, refreshed and restored by this great joy that slowly awakens in us, we can meet difficulties with our full powers intact, and endure disappointments, defeats and ordeals with growing grace. Since it now appears that the human race is going into the storm of a crisis that will determine either its extinction or survival, a simple daily discipline that connects us with the basic truth of the universe, and the energy it releases in the core of our being, is crucial.

It is in dedication to helping the human race live, thrive and work for peace and justice from the core of this joy, that we offer "Heart Yoga." It is one of the universally available, essential ways of bringing order out of chaos, light out of darkness, grace out of turmoil, peace out of torment, and focused clarity out of the maelstrom of bewildering change in our world today.

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