'Heartbreaker': Justin Bieber Announces New Single

Lest he be upstaged by his on-again off-again girlfriend Selena Gomez, Justin Bieber announced his next single hours after Gomez premiered new music and released details about her upcoming album.

Bieber took to his Instagram account on Monday evening to post the artwork to the upcoming track, "Heartbreaker." The 19-year-old pop sensation posted the photo four times, first with the caption "... Coming soon," followed by "Tell a friend to tell a friend" on a version with slightly lighter colors, then "Don't tell me your my.... #justinbieber #heartbreaker," and finally, "Heartbreaker #Justinbiebernewsingle."

The details on the single are sparse. Bieber has yet to announce when the track will be released, and whether it will be featured as a part of an upcoming album. Take a look at the artwork for "Heartbreaker" below.

heartbreaker justin bieber

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