15 Heartfelt Confessions From Kids Raised By Single Parents

Yes, we got a little teary-eyed reading these.

Single parents do it all and do it well.

In their kids' eyes, they are real-life superheroes -- and that title is in no way undeserved. Below, 15 people on Whisper -- an app that lets users anonymously share their thoughts -- give major props to the single moms and dads who raised them.

My dad is a single dad. He
My mom is a single mom and she works so hard to give me everything I want
and need. I really wish I knew how to show her how much I appreciate how
hard she has worked for me.
My mom is a single parent. Every Father
I was raised by a single mom & 4 sisters. They never taught me to be a
"real man", but they taught me to be a good person. Now that I have a son
of my own, I
Growing up with a single dad I understand that I have to fight for what I
want. You can
When it comes right down to it, I would do anything for my mom, that woman
raised me alone, nothing I ever do will repay what she gave me.
Growing up with a single mother taught me so much about independence and
self respect. It
My mom is a single mom who has put my brother and I first for our whole
lives. She gave her life to us however she could. I would do anything to be
able to provide her with the life she deserves.
My mom is a single parent raising 3 hormonal teens. We can be so mean to her at times but at least we try our best to love her and help her. She
My mom raised me by herself. When I was 10, she took me out of school to
show me the world. She
My father is the best thing that ever happened to me. He raised me alone
for 20+ years while serving in the Navy. I have mad respect for single dads
raising daughters!
Grew up with a single mom. She taught my brothers and I how to change our
oil and tires She
My mom is a single mother. I know we have financial struggle, but she never
makes me feel like we do. Thank you❤️
My mom is a single parent who took care of us kids while working and going
to college. I can

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