Hearts of Gold: Fight the Power by Combating Hate with Love

Hearts of Gold: Fight the Power by Combating Hate with Love
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As the 45th President of the United States was sworn into office, the world sprung into action and joined forces to protest the shocking outcome of the election.

An estimated 4.2 million people joined the Women’s March, which spanned across 600 US cities, in what is now considered the largest protest in American history. In Washington alone, more than half a million marched towards the White House, chanting, “Welcome to your first day, we will not go away!”

The troubling truth is that millions of people voted for a man that is said to be following in Hitler’s footsteps. This is a man who is still actively seeking a "total and complete shutdown of Muslims entering the United States”. This is a man who plans on building a wall to keep out “bad hombres”, and will do anything to fund it--that means slashing arts funding programs, which are actually integral to society. This is a man who believes he's entitled to savagely grab women's genitals. This is the president of the United States of America. This is in fact reality, but will it ever fully sink in?

When I first heard of the election results, everything became unusually still. My head fell heavily into my hands, as I tried to soak in the news. I looked up at the TV and saw protests already unfolding. I could see the pain America was in, but oddly, there wasn’t a sound. Not even crickets. Just stillness. What now? I asked myself.

I turned off the news and sat back feeling frustrated and confused, but suddenly, I began to think of John F. Kennedy. His charismatic presence stood before me so clearly. He sat down and we shared a conversation I’ll never forget.

"What now?” I asked him.

The president told me what America and the world needs to focus on now more than ever. I listened carefully and began writing down his compelling words.

This wasn’t my first encounter with President Kennedy. I was born a psychic medium, meaning I can look into the past, present, future and communicate with people who’ve passed on. Having visited me a few times throughout my life, he and I have become connected as souls; not to mention, my family history is chillingly similar to his. For one, my father not only looked like the president, but died from a gunshot wound to the head. I’ve also been no stranger to tragedy: in addition to my dad’s suicide, my mother drowned to death and my young uncle was killed in a skiing accident. And eerily enough, my initials became KFJ when I got married.

During our recent heart-to-heart, JFK explained that in times like these, we need to look back on what we’ve learned from the past. Americans are bonded through their rich history, and that’s how they must continue to stand. Progress, independent minds and big hearts account for the greatest achievements that have been made in society. Just think of civil rights activist Rosa Parks, the brave African American woman who refused to give up her “colored” seat on the bus for a white passenger. Her act of civil disobedience inspired generations to follow her lead and change the world for the better. At the end of the day, freedom isn't born from fear; it occurs when we break barriers and turn them into bravery, love and acceptance.

Mr. President also wisely pointed out that we have to look at the opposition with an understanding that we all do the best we can with what we know. There can only be a leader if people are willing to follow--and it’s up to you to choose if you should go with the motions or be an independent mind. But it's important to remember not to be a victim because you have the power within your soul to implement change with love, not hate, which does nothing for anyone. Embrace who you are and do what you can for the country. Think for yourselves, live for yourselves and love yourselves. No walls will be built if we learn to tolerate, understand and appreciate each other.

I’m essentially an outsider looking in--a 30-year-old woman from Norway, which is known to be the most peaceful country on Earth. Looking at this presidency, I clearly see what’s lacking in the world, and it's so simple: love. The bullying, abuse, racism and sexism all point to a pure need for love. For America to change with the rest of the world by its side, we need to come together. As Mother Teresa once explained, the answer to world peace is to love those around you. But above all, I believe the journey towards a brighter future starts with learning to love yourself. When we pass on, our egos don't come with us. Only the love within our hearts and souls are real.

Every night, I lie in bed and say my thank-yous. I specifically take time to appreciate myself, not for what I’ve accomplished, but as an acknowledgement that I’m worthy. It’s my sincere hope that everyone follows suit. Instead of filling our heads with poisonous frustration and hate, let love take over from within.

As I wrote down John's final thoughts, one of his most iconic lines came to mind:

“Ask not what the country can do for you - ask what you can do for the country.”

This quote has never been more relevant. Listen, the man wasn’t perfect, but he sure had a heart of gold. During this time of helplessness, we need to follow his example. If you let your hearts of gold lead a positive movement, the world will become a better place with time.

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