ICYMI: A Heartwarming Homecoming And Dapperly-Dressed Pigeons

When you start your Monday with good news and a delicious breakfast, it can lead to a great day. So we’ve partnered with Jimmy Dean to bring you the top feel-good stories happening across the country, perfect for sharing with family and friends. They remind us that together, we can make the world a better place.

If You’ve Forgotten How To Feel Feelings
Watch this emotional reunion between a senior dog and her human. Buddy the golden retriever welcomed home Army private Hannah Foraker from basic training in Fort Sill, Oklahoma, with lots of cries, squeals and nuzzles.

If You Haven’t Been Eating Your Fruits And Veggies Lately
You should consider yourself so lucky that you even have the choice! Last Monday, mixed martial artist Ronda Rousey enthusiastically shared a video starring herself, biting into an apple. Why such a big deal? After her last fight left her with both facial and jaw injuries, Rousey predicted it could be six months before she could bite into a core again, putting her ahead of schedule in the healing process. Bon appétit, Ms. Rousey!

If You Never Ask For A Doggy Bag
Start. And take a note from Italy, where a bill that encourages vendors to donate unsold food and pharmaceutical products, instead of throwing them away, was introduced to the Italian Parliament’s lower house last Monday. If all goes well, Italy will join France as the second European country to legislate against food waste.

If You Scoffed At The Last Engagement Post You Saw On Facebook
Let this proposal story warm up your ice-cold heart: a small electronic device made it possible for Andrea Diaz, who was previously deaf, to hear her boyfriend propose. Thanks to her brand-new cochlear implant -- a surgically implanted electronic device that can allow those with damaged inner ears to hear again -- Diaz was able to hear Kevin Peakman, her now-fiance, request her hand in marriage.

If You See A Pigeon Wearing A Backpack
No, you’re not crazy. An appropriately named initiative called Pigeon Air Patrol will release 10 racing pigeons in London for a three-day study, and they’ll be wearing with teeny-tiny backpacks. What’s better than cute, dapperly dressed pigeons? Said backpacks will also measure air quality to help fight pollution -- without affecting the bird’s flight.

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