Heartwarming Video Shows How Kids See Differences

Watch what happens when children are asked the question, "What makes you different from each other?"

A heartwarming video from BBC’s kids-oriented network, CBeebies, is showing how children think about differences.

In the video, pairs of young friends answer the question, “What makes you two different from each other?” And their responses reveal a simple and inspiring truth about acceptance and inclusion among kids.

Though children are not colorblind, the friends’ answers show that their differences when it comes to things like race or ability are not as important to them as the differences in their interests and character.

The video reached over 20 million views both on the CBeebies and BBC Family and Education News Facebook pages. It’s part of a BBC campaign celebrating diversity called “Everyone’s Welcome.”

“From lettuce love (and hate!) to hard-hitting opinions on ketchup and toe size, these kids know what’s important ― friendship, openness and respecting each other’s differences, a lesson we can all learn from,” BBC Children’s Director Alice Webb wrote in a blog post about the campaign.

“Their unscripted and natural responses is just what you would expect and demonstrates that children don’t make assumptions about people and their differences in the way that all too often grown-ups do,” she added.

If these children are our future, we feel a little bit better about the world.

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