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Keep Warm With 12 Hearty Seafood Recipes (Photos)

Most people associate seafood with summer fare; they turn to it when they want a light, fresh dish -- something we all crave when the temperature has turned up. And while some of us still enjoy our fair share of seafood during the cooler seasons, more often than not seafood is turned down for heartier and, well, meatier dishes.

We at Kitchen Daily think this to be a real shame. And while we know that light dishes just won't cut it during the not-so-warm months of winter, we also know that fish and shellfish can be not only hearty and substantial, but all around comforting too. With dishes ranging from a spicy Catalan fish stew to an exotic salmon curry to creamy tomato and shrimp linguine, we have a gallery of recipes that will make you crave seafood all winter long.

What is your go-to hearty seafood dish? Let us know in the comments below!

Hearty Seafood