Soup Recipes Hearty Enough To Call Dinner

These recipes are downright hearty.

Jay Leno put it best when he said, "Soup is just a way of screwing you out of a meal." This often feels true in the case of tomato soup when it's not accompanied with a grilled cheese. And it is definitely true in the case of a pureed butternut squash soup, which leaves you hungry just an hour after eating a bowl.

Sure, those soups are delicious, but they don't have enough going on to keep a person satisfied for very long. For soups worthy of an entire meal, they had better be chunky, chock-full of good ingredients and downright hearty. Basically, they have to look like a normal meal is happening inside of a bowl. Only those soups can call themselves dinner-worthy soups.

We found 30 that meet such criteria. We think even Leno would approve.

Lasagna Soup

Dinner Worthy Soup Recipes

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