Heat-Free Hairstyles

With all of the fun to be had during the summer's muggy months, one assumes, or wishes, that our hair is the least of our worries. But that is not the case.
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With all of the fun to be had during the summer's muggy months, one assumes, or wishes, that our hair is the least of our worries. However that is not what stylist, Clyde Elezi owner of, The Drawing Room-New York claims. "After working in the salon everyday, it is quite the contrary. We are constantly combating frizz, fly-away's and unruly curly hair," explains Clyde.

At The Drawing Room, we advise our clients to use gel (medium hold-usually designed for wavy or curly hair). You're probably thinking, "Eww! Gross! Crunchy and scrunchy!" But it doesn't have to be this way at all. Gel is an easy, day-to-day fix to give control. Here are some steps to follow when applying gel to the hair:
1. Saturate with water
2. Apply gel, then comb through (this will ensure proper saturation of gel)
3. Scrunch with dry towel to absorb any excess moisture

At this point, you may walk out the door or continue getting ready while letting your hair air-dry. Either way, do not touch the hair until it is about 80% dry. Touching and moving the hair before drying will only create more frizz and fly-away's.

4. Once 80% dry, scrunch and hug your locks with hands for a fuller, more natural look.

Finally, be sure to invest in a quality gel that will help condition the hair and won't flake after drying.

Another option we'd like to include is the Keratin treatment (aka Brazilian Blowout). If you're looking for a stronger, longer-lasting solution, this is a service worth looking into. According to the colorists at The Drawing Room, "unlike traditional straighteners the Keratin Treatment does not damage hair, but rather replenishes the cuticle by infusing keratin, also known as proteins (hair is comprised of 88% protein). Clients that have returned from vacation report that having this treatment done has made time at the beach an easier and more enjoyable experience because they did not have to fuss with their hair."

*Note: We recommend having your Keratin treatment at the beginning of the summer, but be aware that submerging your hair in salt water may contribute to a shorter duration of your treatment.

If neither of these options appeal to you, take advantage of the popular trends of today such as the brain and its numerous variations. Whether it's a simple side braid or more intricate French braded fringe, these feminine styles have been seen all over top models and actresses both on the runway and in their cool, casual streetwear.

Whatever your solution for the remainder of the summertime, we hope you can display your own confidence and beauty without working up a sweat!