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Heat Wave Hits New York City As Summer Temps Rise

For those of you who, when huddled and shivering in winter coats in December's blizzard, warming hands in gloves and mugs of cocoa on the sidewalk, wished for summer to come -- here you go. It is here. Hope you are happy!

After a dreary and wet May, temperatures are rapidly rising at June's onset. Temperatures are supposed to reach the high nineties on both Wednesday and Thursday. So if you haven't installed your A/C yet, here is a good list of hotels to check into to avoid turning into ice cream soup.

DNAinfo notes that this coming heat wave is impressive, even for New York's summer standards.

The National Weather Service issued a heat advisory and an air quality alert, meaning the air will be thick with smog and pollution.

Wednesday's temperature matches the highest temperature ever recorded on June 8, which was in 1933, according to the Weather Underground.

This hot, sticky weather is part of a wave that started in the Midwest, leaving five elderly people dead (though each had pre-existing conditions).

So stay cool! Drink fluids, get A/C'd, visit one of the city's official cooling centers, maybe put off tarring your roof until morning. Or maybe just embrace and get your tan on. And if you have any better ways of staving off the heat, let us know below.

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