Heatable Pillow Eases Pain Of Lowering Thermostat

The heating bill is getting a lot of attention lately as it stays icy outdoors here in the U.S., but this particular green fix has a little something for all climates (or hemispheres). It's a fancy-pants update to an old-school solution.

We've written here about keeping the thermostat low and popping a heating pad into your bed before getting in, and now here's a way to turn that very simple idea into, say, a Valentine's gift or something -- an organic pillow that will keep you warm or cool:

Either heat (in the microwave) or cool (freezer) the organic neck pillow, made of 100% organic Kona natural cotton, and place around your neck and shoulders to soothe and relax aching muscles. Available in unscented or with lavender for an extra aromatic touch. At $29.95 it's a lot less than a massage or a space heater!