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The Best Health Foods, Ranked In (Totally Subjective) Order

We hope some of these foods don't survive 2015.

Anyone who pays attention to health food trends knows that they are ever changing. Some trends fall off the radar forever (think Slim Fast), some classics never seem to fade (wheatgrass is here to stay), and others fall in and out of favor with the passing years. The pendulum swing of popularity sometimes makes these health trends feel completely arbitrary. With that same attitude, we decided to rank the most popular health food trends of the past decade.

We know that quinoa has tons of protein. And we are aware of the fact that an ounce of wheatgrass equals the nutritional content of 2.5 pounds of vegetables. But none of that knowledge goes into our completely subjective ranking of the most talked about health food trends. No, instead we judged these foods purely on like-ability, because why not?

Behold, the best health food trends -- ranked from most enjoyable to most annoying.

Cold Pressed Juice
Photographer Kris Krüg via Getty Images
Yes. Cold, refreshing juices made from fresh fruits and vegetables are something we totally want to drink. Bonus that it's good for us.
Almond Milk
Lecic via Getty Images
Have you ever tried this in a latte? It's almost better than whole milk. Almost.
Chia Seeds
m-chin via Getty Images
Chia seeds made a lot more sense as a pet. But the way they transform into jelly-like balls when placed in water is kind of cool, so they're good in our book.
Bone Broth
MKucova via Getty Images
Jennifer Levy via Getty Images
One ounce is the nutritional equivalent of 2.5 pounds of vegetables. Enough said.
Dating back to the 9th century in Iceland, Skyr is a thicker, richer yogurt you can't stop eating.
marekuliasz via Getty Images
Roy Hsu via Getty Images
We have Japan to thank for these intensely addictive -- and healthy -- snacks.
Coconut Oil
jurgakarosaite via Getty Images
We can't lie, coconut oil makes some dang delicious brownies.
YelenaYemchuk via Getty Images
It's like drinkable yogurt times a million.
Shawna Lemay via Getty Images
Yes, kale is great. It's delicious, healthy and can be made into chips we can't stop eating. But what about swiss chard? Mustard greens? Or even spinach? Those are great too guys. Don't forget it.
Maple Water
Vertical Water
What in the what? (But we love maple syrup, so okay.)
Greek Yogurt
tashka2000 via Getty Images
Our hearts will always belong to Greek yogurt, but it needs to stay out of our granola bars, baby food and body wash.
Coconut Sugar
Elena Elisseeva via Getty Images
Coconut water might be on the outs, but coconut sugar is just arriving.
Rixipix via Getty Images
Just like quinoa, hemp is a complete protein. For one reason or another, it just never had the same success.
Sprouted Wheat Bread
MSPhotographic via Getty Images
We just want to know why?
Flax Seeds
YelenaYemchuk via Getty Images
They always get stuck in your teeth.
Monkey Business Images via Getty Images
We love quinoa in all of its protein glory. But we don't love what the surge of popularity is doing to Peruvian and Bolivian farmers.
Gluten-Free Anything
annie-claude via Getty Images
Some people eat gluten free because they need to. Others do it because they think it's healthier. We understand the need. The choice, not so much.
Bee Pollen
Fuse via Getty Images
Guys, what's wrong with plain, old honey?
Frozen Yogurt
chingyunsong via Getty Images
We know people think this is healthy. We're here to pop that bubble: IT IS NOT. Stop wasting your time and just go eat real ice cream.

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