Heather Graham: It Would Be 'Nice' To Have A President Who 'Didn't Sexually Harass Any Women'


Actress Heather Graham’s upcoming film “Half Magic” aims to give women a break from male-dominated movie narratives, but her hopes for women’s empowerment extend beyond film and into politics. 

Graham, who sat down alongside director Andrew Edwards Thursday to discuss their new film “My Dead Boyfriend,” explained to HuffPost’s Lauren Moraski that “Half Magic” encourages sexual freedom. 

“In my movie, actually, women say the word ‘pussy’ in an empowering way,” she said. “They’re like, ‘I love my pussy!’”

While the word has a positive meaning in the film, it’s had a different connotation this election season, notably in a leaked hot mic recording of Donald Trump making lewd comments about women in 2005.

“If you look at Donald Trump and the things he says about women, it’s sort of like us taking back some of the power of our own sexuality and not letting men make it into something negative,” Graham said. 

In regards to the GOP nominee, Graham is simply not in favor of Trump, which she recently made clear by tweeting her support for Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton. 

“It would just be nice to have a president that didn’t sexually harass any women,” she said, later adding, “And I also think it’s just a different perspective [with Hillary Clinton]. “I think women by nature are probably more peaceful in general than men. And I just think it’s opening the door for a little girl to watch the TV and go, ‘Oh, one day I could be president.’”

Watch the full conversation with Heather Graham and Andrew Edwards below: