Heather Hayes Arrested After Allegedly Attacking Boyfriend Eric Zuber For Choosing Xbox Over Sex

Woman Accused Of Attacking Boyfriend Arrested Pantless At Convenience Store

Heather Hayes is missing two big things in her life: Sex and pants.

But she has something no one else can take from her: An arrest record.

Police in Lansford, Pa., arrested Hayes at a convenience store on Feb. 26 for allegedly attacking her boyfriend, Eric Zuber, who had spent the previous two days playing Xbox with his friends rather than having sex with her, according to msnNOW.

Zuber confirmed to investigators that he turned down her request. At that point, he claimed she started slapping and punching him on his head and back, and also bit him on his left forearm. Then she grabbed his testicles and twisted, according to Inquistr.com.

Zuber managed to escape and run to a convenience store to call 911. Hayes followed, but in the heat of the moment, forgot her pants.

When asked how that detail got skipped, Hayes told the arresting officer that she had been anticipating sex and didn't want to waste valuable time going upstairs to get pants before following Zuber to the convenience store, according to TNOnline.com

Hayes was charged with indecent exposure, simple assault, open lewdness, and harassment.

She's not the only woman who's gotten bothered when a man wouldn't notice she was hot and bothered.

Last month, a woman in Warwick, Australia, was arrested for attacking her boyfriend for masturbating.

In April 2012, there were two major cases of horny women scorned: South Florida's Stacey Ortiz was arrested after allegedly attacking her boyfriend who refused her sexual advances.

That same month, a man in Munich told police he fled from an apartment after a woman demanded too much intercourse with him.

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