Lou Dobbs' Guest Blames 'Black Culture' For Academic Achievement Gap

Heather Mac Donald said it was up to "Black culture and the rest of culture" to close the academic achievement gap.

Conservative commentator Heather Mac Donald blames “Black culture” for the academic achievement gap, and says race and gender diversity goals are blunting the nation’s “competitive edge.”

The College Board announced on Tuesday that it was withdrawing plans to introduce an “adversity score” on test results, a measure intended to address inequality in college admissions for those from varying socioeconomic backgrounds.

“All of this tinkering with meritocratic admissions in colleges and throughout the economy, frankly, is all driven by one fact, which is the persistent academic achievement gap,” Mac Donald said during an appearance on “Lou Dobbs Tonight” Tuesday.

“If Black culture or the rest of culture could close that gap, we would be back to a colorblind meritocratic system, but the College Board is trying to give colleges an excuse to continue to give preferences to under-prepared Black students, to catapult them into academic environments for which they are not prepared,” she added.

Watch Mac Donald’s segment on Fox Business below.

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