Bobsledder Heather Moyse Bathes In A Trash Can ... Because #SochiProblems

Talk about a case of #SochiProblems.

Canadian bobsledder Heather Moyse was faced with a predicament when she wanted to take an Epsom salt bath, but had no bathtubs to turn to in Sochi. So, instead, she decided to bathe in an extra-large trash can on Sunday, Feb. 16, and photographed the evidence for all the world to see.

While she didn't tag it with the infamous #SochiProblems hashtag, it certainly fits in with other snafus like yellow water, lobbey-less hotels and perplexing bathrooms.

Epsom salt can help soothe muscles and restore magnesium and sulfate in the body, according to Discovery Health. Such relief could be good for Moyse, who underwent surgery in 2012.

"My hip sockets ... for around 98 percent of people they open facing forward. Mine, they discovered, rotate backwards," she told Reuters. "Everything I've accomplished up until my surgery was in spite of being blocked in the front which is why I have that really weird pushing style. But elite athletes become elite compensators. I'm pushing faster than I've ever pushed before -- part of that is down to the surgery."

She and her bobsledding partner, Kaillie Humphries, placed second in the women’s bobsled competition Tuesday, Feb. 18.



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