'Heavens to Betsy': You Won't Believe the Origin of This Famous Phrase (VIDEO)

Have you ever wondered what crazy stories lie underneath the meaning of odd expressions and sayings? Let Professor Good N' Well end your suspense on this episode of "Famous Phrases," a HooplaHa original series featuring comedian Eddie Brill.

This brand-new episode follows Professor Good N' Well, our in-house expert on history and humor, as he attempts to unveil the true identify of the Betsy referenced in the expression "Heavens to Betsy. Professor Good N' Well not only uses the honest educated guesses of interviewees but reveals the historical context of the expression. It relates to women of the Prohibition era; however, there is much disagreement regarding the original references. Some sources trace her identity back to the Revolutionary War; others say Betsy is actually Betsy Ross, the maker of the first American flag. Long story shot, your guess is as good as the professor's!