Heavy Metal Kids Band Rocks Out In Times Square (VIDEO)

Unlocking the Truth is a heavy metal band made up of three Brooklyn-based 11-year-olds. Malcolm Brickhouse plays electric guitar, Jarad Dawkins plays the drums, and Alec Atkins is on bass. Six years ago, Malcolm and Jarad formed the band Tears of Blood, so by now they seem like old pros.

The young rockers write their own lyrics and, according to their Facebook page, occasionally wear matching outfits. But this isn't just a garage band to them. The group, who cites Metallica and Slipknot as influences, states on the website: "Unlocking the Truth’s goal is to become one of the world's best heavy metal bands, and with their music, they want to encourage their fans to just be themselves and not be intimidated by what people say."

In an interview last year with the Village Voice, the band members expressed a mature understanding of their atypical genre choice. "Dawkins said, "You can hate all you want, but at least you're talking about me."

Call us crazy, but these young rockers may even put our Van Halen drumming prodigy to shame. Check out these pre-pubescent musical talents in the video above and compare them to some of our other favorite child prodigies in the slideshow below.

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