These T.Rex Prom Photos Prove True Love Is Not Extinct

Looks like a roaring good time.
06/02/2017 03:50pm ET | Updated June 2, 2017

These prom photos are dino-mite.

Not content to go the standard corsage-and-embrace route, 19-year-old Hannah Benton and boyfriend Jones Willingham decided to include a T. rex suit in their photos for Willingham’s senior prom.

The pics, taken by their friend Josey Hardman at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens in Alabama, are super romantic:

This is what a T-Rex in love looks like. 

“I’m into older guys. 65 million years older,” Benton joked on Twitter, where the pics received over 23 thousand likes and five thousand retweets.

Hey, we’re not surprised they went viral. If this isn’t the height of romance, we don’t know what is:

Pretty fly for an extinct guy.

Benton, a sophomore at Vassar College in New York, told HuffPost she bought the inflatable T. rex costume for Willingham for his birthday back in November. He figured he’d try it on for size while the pair were scouting prom shoot locations last month.

A love that transcends millions of years.

Willingham only wore the suit for about 15 minutes but it didn’t take long to draw a crowd.

“A few people even stopped by to take pictures with us,” Benton said. “We actually ended up getting in the back of some wedding pictures by accident, because someone got married while we were there.”


The couple, who’ve been together a year and a half, also took regular prom photos. Here’s what Willingham looks like without the costume:

They're cute with or without the costume.

Dinosaurs may be extinct, but clearly, true love isn’t.