Heckuva Job, Bushie

"The Bush administration had seven years after 9/11, no successful attacks on the United States"--Charles Krauthammer on George W. Bush, whose approval ratings have climbed to 47 percent since leaving office.

How I miss his steady hand
That kept the ship of state afloat
In cowboy boots he took his stand
And read to us from My Pet Goat.

He kept us safe from Hong Kong flu
And madmen in Korea
Thanks to him we never knew
The horrors of Sharia.

Terrorists who boldly stalk us
Planning some perverse attack
On St. Louis or Secaucus
Would look at him and turn right back

No jihadis in hijacked planes
From Bosnia-Herzegovina
Attacked us. And no hurricanes
If you don't count Katrina.

And when shoves to pushes come
He saw that Saddam itched
To blow us all up with a bomb:
Fission Un-Accomplished.

So bring it on, you sorry slob.
Misunderestimate him
Dubya did a heckuva job
But somehow, we still hate him.