Are Heeled Snow Boots Worth Adding To Your Winter Wardrobe? We Put 5 Pairs To The Test

Alright Heeled Snow Boots, Let's See What You Can Do

We know what you're thinking -- heels and snow are two terms that do not go well together. And yes, if you live in a place like New York City, there's really no way to avoid owning a serious pair of sturdy snow boots to make it through all those blizzard warnings. But wearing clunky galoshes day in an day out will leave any person wondering how to avoid switching shoes at the office, or feeling frumpy out on a Saturday night.

We decided that if we were going to try heeled boots on the sidewalks of NYC, we were going to be practical about it. So we turned to the brands we trust for their acclaimed durability -- like UGG, Hunter and Sorel -- to see how well their heeled styles married function and fashion.

The results? As with most things in life -- it really depends. Heels might be a great dinner guest on the weekend, but the wedge is probably the winter colleague you've been looking for. And for some of us, even though the shoes looked great and added that extra edge to our outfits, heels and snow do not mix.

Take a look at the five pairs our editors tested below and see how each of them fared.


"I would definitely wear these boots out to dinner or to a bar in the winter. They're sleek, stylish and look fancy with the heel. Best of all, they have a little neon cuff that pops out against the grey of the shoe (and the slush!). In terms of the price, I would purchase these if I knew I could wear them for a few years."

"These boots are definitely a stylish upgrade from my regular ol' snow boots, and they kept my feet feeling dry and warm. I like wedges, I do, but there's something about wearing them in icy, wet weather that scares me. Even though I knew these had a grip and were built for this kind of weather, I was super careful, especially when walking down slippery stairs or through patches of ice."

"While I wouldn't want to wear these for walking my long-distance daily commute, they're 100x more stylish than any other weather-repellent footwear I've seen. They'd fit the bill when you want to go to a bar or a party that requires standing for a few hours, and the dress code calls for something a little more dressed up than clunky rubber boots. In terms of the price, if you go out a lot, these would be worth purchasing. If you don't, probably not."

"You won't find me shoveling snow in these, but this pair is definitely worth considering if you're looking for a 'cute pair' of snow boots that are still fairly functional. I wore them to work, out in the evening, and felt comfortable walking in them through the slush. They kept my feet warm despite the absence of a fleece lining."

"I'm a huge fan of heeled booties in the winter, and although I wasn't in love with the style of the boot, I felt entirely comfortable walking around the city in the slush."

Hunter, Sorel, UGG, Tommy Hilfiger and Tretorn provided samples for review purposes.

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