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Heels Show Power

For anyone thinking high heels don't show power, just remember that Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did, but backwards and in heels. You tell me who was the better dancer? Walk on ladies!
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I was at an event recently where Arianna Huffington was answering a question about content on AOL, and she mentioned that they would have everything from "important" things like politics to shoes. And, quickly catching herself, she added: "not that shoes aren't important."

And based on everything I've seen her wear, Arianna loves shoes, as do I. I have a budding collection that I am very proud of and always looking to carefully expand. My shoes of desire are always 4" heel and above and they get used everyday.

Maybe it's the years of dancing or the lingering beauty tip that heels make your legs look longer, or maybe that it's that my husband loves seeing me in high heels and that I feel confident and motivated when I am in them. No matter what it is, I LOVE a high heel.

So much so, that when designing my first real office at Morpheus Media, I asked the architect to build a display case for me to put my shoes. You see I think an amazing shoe is as much art as it is function. And just like Madeleine Albright's pin collection, my shoes will tell you much of my mood on any given day.

Rock and Republic: a strong business woman with a devilish grin. I'm getting stuff done today.

Dior: Timeless confidence. I will waltz you around until you see my point.

Miu Miu: A 40's power house. You think I'm a quiet wall flower, but I've got a twist.

Pucci: Mama's goin' out tonight. Watch out boys she will break your heart.

Barbara Bui: Rock Star incognito. Ready to rock any stage.

Renee Caovelli: these haven't found their voice yet, but there is some silver sizzle in there.

Louboutin tortoise: Stepping with purpose. We will not be ignored.

Versace: Listen to me. Now that I have your attention, my eyes are up here!

This may all sound very shallow, but when Arianna mentioned having Joy Triggers in your life, I realized that there are a few things that when I see them bring a smile to my face no matter where I am -- and great shoes is one of them. More on the rest of them in another post.

Parting thought for anyone thinking heels don't show power; Ginger Rogers did everything Fred Astaire did backwards and in heels. You tell me, who was the better dancer?

Walk on ladies!