Heidemarie Schwermer Has Been Moneyless For 16 Years

Having tons of money won't make you any happier, but apparently having none at all just might do the trick.

Heidemarie Schwermer, a 69-year-old German woman, has been living without money for nearly 16 years and is reportedly much happier because of it, as is documented in the film "Living Without Money." [Hat tip: Business Insider]

How does she do it? Schwermer barters a few hours of cleaning and gardening in exchange for food. For shelter, she wanders from place to place offering small services for a bed. Sometimes, she relies on the hospitality of people she meets along the way. Her friends occasionally give her clothing, so she keeps what she needs and donates anything that's too burdensome to carry around.

Schwermer's childhood is what led her to reject money, she said in an interview with Business Insider. Her family became wealthy after hitting rock bottom, and she remembers feeling like she always had to justify their newfound wealth. Later in life, when she realized she wasn't happy with her work and all the things she had acquired, she made a connection. So at 53, Schwermer walked away from her job as a psychotherapist, gave away almost all her belongings and completely rejected money.

While Schwermer's story is truly unique, many people have gone on less stringent "money diets." In fact, almost half of Americans have gone a week at a time without using any bank notes, relying on debit and credit cards. And as far as alternative lifestyles go, we've heard about Americans living off the financial grid, with no bank account or credit card.

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