Heidi Cruz Should Challenge Melania Trump to a Debate

Now that Donald Trump has transformed our political process into a complete joke--but with devastatingly serious consequences--why not go the "full Monty"?

Let Heidi Cruz debate Melania Trump.

It cannot be less enlightening than the Republican presidential candidates' debates thusfar, where barely a single word of substance emerges from the noise and bellowing. The leading candidate for the Republican nomination has already talked about using nuclear weapons, about taking the oil of another country, about violating US and international law on torture, and of giving orders to US troops that the troops would have to disobey. His major challenger wants to make the desert sand glow, and wants police to patrol neighborhoods where US muslims live.

All Republican candidates want the government to force women to carry their rapist's child to term.

Now, we have a growing spat about their wives.

So, let Heidi Cruz and Melania Trump debate. And, of course, Karen Kasich would deserve a place at the debate if she wanted it.

Shouldn't Republican voters know if the candidates' wives share, eg., Trump's view of a woman's place, Cruz's view on carrying a rapist's child, Kasich's view about Medicaid expansion?

And, let us be forthright, should Melania respond to whether her nude photos make her unfit for First Lady the way Vanessa Williams's forced her to relinquish her Miss America crown? Or, does Vanessa Williams's race, and her being the first black Miss America, set different standards similar to those for President Obama as the country's first black President (and the first person of color to rule any majority-white country)?

We should also learn why Heidi and Melania married their bozo husbands in the first place. [OK, we are pretty sure we know about Melania, but still....].

This debate cannot help but be far more enlightening than the garbage-in/garbage-out spectacles we have seen in the Republican candidates' debates.