Heidi Fleiss: Renewable Energy Business Better Than Sex

Heidi Fleiss, best known as the Hollywood Madam, had always had plans of opening up an above-board brothel in the Las Vegas area. But the economy has changed, and so have her plans:

"I think I'm going to put all my property up for sale in Crystal," Fleiss said recently by phone from her house in Pahrump. "I don't want to work so hard ... and deal with all the nonsense in the sex business."

Instead, she is focusing her attention on an alternative energy project she said is "perfect for Nevada."

"That's where the money is," she said. "That's the wave of the future."

And maybe that's true -- green consumers want more, more, more and there are a few other positive signs:

But can renewables really beat the sex industry? Maybe it's best if they just work together.

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