Heidi Fleiss Thanks God For Abortion

Former Hollywood madame Heidi Fleiss courted controversy on UK's 'Celebrity Big Brother' Sunday night, telling Stephen Baldwin and former 'Dynasty' actress Stephanie Beacham how grateful she is that abortion keeps her from becoming a (bad) mother.

"I hope I never have babies," said Heidi, 44. "That would kill me. Every minute I'd be, 'Is the baby OK?' I'd worry too much."

"I've never had kids, thank God for abortion, my God," she continued. "I don't mean to offend anyone but I wouldn't be a good mother. I shouldn't have kids."

Fleiss was jailed in 1993 for running a prostitution ring for the rich and famous in which she served as both prostitute and pimp.

Baldwin, who may have once been once of Fleiss' clients, became a born-again Christian after the 9/11 attacks. On the same show Fleiss called him an idiot for his preaching ways.


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