Heidi Klum, Bodyguard Relationship? Not The First Reported Celebrity-Staffer Pairing

7 Celebs Who Allegedly Hooked Up With Household Staff

Heidi Klum and Seal's supposedly "amicable" split took a turn for the worse Saturday when Seal accused his ex of "fornicating with the help" -- specifically her bodyguard, Martin Kristen -- during their marriage.

Seals's publicist has since walked back on the singer's remarks, issuing a statement to People magazine that Seal did not mean to imply that Heidi cheated while they were still together; rather, since their divorce has not yet been finalized, the pair remain legally married.

If Heidi did do the deed with her bodyguard, she'd hardly be the first celeb to get a little too close to "the help." Click through the slideshow below for six others.

Jude Law and the Nanny

Celebrities Who Reportedly Cheated With "The Help"

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