Heidi Klum Takes On Donald Trump Again And It's Even Better

"Every woman is a 10."
Alo Ceballos via Getty Images

Over the weekend, Donald Trump decided it was necessary to tell the New York Times how he felt about Heidi Klum's looks.

“Heidi Klum. Sadly, she’s no longer a 10," he told the newspaper.

On Monday, Klum went ahead and posted a genius video response to The Donald's ridiculous comment (which was ridiculous on multiple levels -- 1) she's gorgeous, and 2) how she looks is none of his GD business) on Facebook.

But just to rub his ignorance in his face a little more (will he even notice?), the supermodel spoke to Access Hollywood about the situation, explaining just how rude the comments are.

"Personally, I have no idea what I have to do with the election," she said while speaking of some of the candidates. "But really, the whole entire situation about women is not really funny, you know to put a number on a woman, especially women."

She continued, "We juggle so many things and I feel that, you know, women who support their families, who have children, who make their lunches, drive them all over the place, work at the same time, I mean, we do so many things, so in my book, every woman is a 10."

Truer words have never been spoken. Thank you Heidi, for putting Trump in his place. Now if only he'd get the hint.

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