Heidi Klum Explains Epic Halloween Costume, Inspired By Turning The Big 4-0

Heidi Klum Explains Her Epic Halloween Costume

Heidi Klum pulled out all the stops this week when she dressed up to her annual Halloween party as a 95-year-old woman -- wrinkles, cane, popping veins and all. The supermodel is knows for going all out with her costumes every year, but what was the thought behind the geriatric getup?

Klum, who turned the big 4-0 last June, explained to People magazine: "There was so much talk about me turning 40 this year and what it felt like to be older. I thought, really? I will show you old!"

Oh, now it makes sense! But not everyone thought Klum's epic costume was, well, epic.

The Guardian published an op-ed yesterday calling her decision to go as an old lady "ill-judged and offensive," adding that "[i]t is quite simply that making herself into an old woman for an evening is meant to be funny – not ironic, not an indication of the inner terror of a young and beautiful woman, not witty or making a point, it is purely to ridicule the old and have a good laugh at their expense."

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