Heidi Klum Halloween Party: The Belated Shindig Features Santa Claus & Her Jewel-Encrusted Face (PHOTOS)

OK, that costume was pretty awesome though.

Heidi Klum has proven to be a woman who takes Halloween very seriously. So seriously, in fact, that she wasn't going to let a hurricane or even holiday timing get in the way of her annual costume bash.

After canceling her Halloween party in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, the supermodel said that she would be "postponing to a haunted Christmas." The mother-of-four had already begun building excitement for the event, tweeting a preview of her Cleopatra costume. But she saved the best part for the actual event: her jewel-encrusted face.

Heidi arrived at Club Finale in New York for the belated party last night decked out in a gold, sparkly gown, a floor-length cape and an ornate headdress with her face completely covered in tiny rhinestones. It was pretty awesome, if we say so ourselves. (And it was definitely a complete 180 from the recent divorcée's couple costume from last year, which put her and former husband Seal in uncomfortably realistic ape getups.)

The 39-year-old arrived with Santa Claus as her date (no bodyguard boyfriend in sight), which we suppose was a nod to the strange timing of the soiree. But since all proceeds of the party will benefit the Red Cross’ Hurricane Sandy aid, we say: party on, Heidi. But not too hard -- she will be volunteering around New York today for the hurricane relief effort, after all.

A pretty nice (albeit semi-random) way to ring in the holidays, eh?

Check out Heidi Klum's elaborate Halloween costume from her party last night and tell us what you think.


heidi klum halloween

heidi klum halloween

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