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Heidi Klum's Contestants On 'Germany's Next Top Model' Catch Head Lice

The cast and crew of "Germany's Next Top Model," a German TV show starring Heidi Klum are scratching their heads trying to figure out how two of the aspiring models caught head lice.

The first model who caught the nasty nits was a 16-year-old contestant named Anna Maria, who, until the infestation, was favored to win the competition, according to

"No idea where they came from. I tried on a hat while shopping," she said on an episode that aired on Tuesday.

Klum -- who has not been infected -- had another theory, and suggested during the show that the bugs were "a little souvenir from New York," where Anna Maria had been during Fashion Week.

The show's network, ProSeiben, sent out a statement admitting there had one other confirmed lice victim and another suspected case, reported.

One of the models, Lovelyn, 16, feared the lice outbreak might require the models to shave off all their hair, but a model named Sabrina, who grew up on a farm, explained that certain shampoos can help, reported.

Getting rid of the itchy critters won't be easy since even the best lice-killing products can't kill 100 percent of the eggs.

That means the infested models will have to continue checking for live lice 10 days after the first treatment and check for eggs everytime they comb their hair, according to HuffPost blogger Dr. Glenn Braunstein, director of medicine at Cedars Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles.

The models will also have to wash or dry clean all their clothes and bed linens used by the models, vacuum floors and furniture, and replace their combs.

Klum isn't the only celebrity who has had to deal with head lice.

Shakira has admitted having head lice as a child, and Madonna told Ellen DeGeneres her kids had it frequently, according to

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